In 1978, Steve Nelson and Steve Zabel called Superintendant at the time, Fran Kelley, to ask about using the centers hydrotherapy pool at Wrentham Developmental Center (State School in ‘78). They received a warm welcome from clients and everyone who worked there. In the weeks that followed a friendship began and the start of Friends of Wrentham was happening. Other Patriot players got involved; Steve Grogan, Tim Fox, Steve King, Bill Lenkaitis, Bill Matthews, Pete Brock, Mosi Tatupu and many others follow to this day. Over the years there have been parties, football games, special events, fundraisers and plenty of laughter shared.

As a result of this wonderful, original relationship, the organization known as Friends of Wrentham Inc., now includes community leaders, businessmen and women, parents, media and sports celebrities and over 1,000 volunteers that are dedicated to improving the quality of life of the men and women that live at Wrentham Developmental Center.

Many of the founding Patriots are still involved 35 years later!